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"THE MODERN DAY SID AND NANCY!" w/ Arden's Bro Alarik and Arden's friend Lori

Arden's bro Alarik and Bachelor Historian Lori join Arden and the production team to break down BACHELOR IN PARADISE! Pirate shirts! Fronting Thor! Rambo's Return!

- Arden was not into Eliza asking Rodney to set down an ultimatum!

- Lori points out that SID MURDERED NANCY!

- Alarik is afraid of Kate and her directness!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK! WANT MORE EPISODES??? Become a Patreon Member!! Like us on Facebook follow us on iTunes! EMAIL US!!! Follow us on: Twitter/ instagram #WYATR @ardenmyrin TIKTOK @ardenmyrinofficial


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