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"THE CAPTAIN AND TENILLE ARTS!" w/ Doug Benson, Paget Brewster, Rob Benedict and Jerry Trainor

It's a POWERHOUSE ARDEN'S BIRTHDAY BONANZA ROMPER EXTRAVAGANZA with Doug Benson, Jerry Trainor, Paget Brewster and Rob Benedict. Rompers! Tongue Kisses! Dicks in Boxes!

- Arden is in her full birthday regalia celebrating as only an adult lady in her bougie garage in a pandemic can!

- Doug channels his inner cult leader as "The Captain"!

- Paget NEEDS to know who makes Tayshia's bras!

- Rob has the mic drop moment as he names the episode!

- Jerry is the first to be sacrificed taint first by the Captain!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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