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"LIVE FROM THE BUNKER!" w/ Jerry Trainor and Arden's Friend Lori!

The year is 2014. Rookie of the Year Jerry Trainor and Bachelor Historian Lori joins Arden, Anna and Katie to get to know our new Bachelorette Clare Crawley by breaking down Juan Pablo's season of the Bachelor (Season 18) . This episode covers the pre-show and night one in the mansion. Evening gowns! Valentina!!! Baby bumps!

- Arden thinks Juan Pablo had boner fever for Clare's fake baby bump!

- Jerry was ready to put a ring on it with the dancing terrible masseuse!

- Lori's A BEAUTIFUL MIND skills really shine when talking about ANY Bach trivia!

- Tanna is tanning on her tanning bed in between cans of spam and creamed corn!

- Katie never wants to go into a store again!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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