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"LITERALLY, ACTUALLY A HAPSBURG JAW!" w/ Paget Brewster, Erin Foley and Arden's friend Lori!

Paget Brewster, Erin Foley and Arden's friend Lori join Arden and the gals to discuss the HORNIEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON- the FANTASY SUITES! Ice bath kisses! Panicked roofers! The corpse of Neil Lane!

- Arden thinks they got rid of the angel that is Brendan so they would get a PROPOSAL!

- Paget sleeps in lace or cotton!

- Erin Foley's mom Mary Foley does NOT TRUST Zac!

- Lori does not understand why her accountant Mary Foley is so hard on Zac!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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