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"HYTNER'S MACRAME CLUB!" w/ Rob Benedict, Steve Hytner, Brendan Smith and Rob's mom VIVIAN!

It's a VERY SPECIAL #WYATR with ALL STARS Rob Benedict, Steve Hytner, Brendan Smith joining Arden and the Production team with SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST ROB'S MOM VIV! The gang chats chats about the barn burner that was CHARITY'S HOMETOWNS! Uncle Joe! Saucy moms! Sex belts!!

- Arden loves the idea of Uncle Joe storming the capital!

- Hytner is ready for Rob to call him "Daddy"!

- Brendan says that on Bachelor Silverlake the Bachelorette can just text the person that he is not getting a rose!

- Viv is hot for Xavier!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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