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"F.I.P. YEAH YOU KNOW ME!" w/ Wells Adams, Rob Benedict and Doug Benson

In one of the funniest all time WYATR eps ever recorded, Arden captures Wells Adams, Rob Benedict, Doug Benson, and of course, the PRODUCTION TEAM in her bougie garage for an afternoon of food poisoning inspired MANIA! (And of course, she teaches them all to become CHAMPIONS!!!! Wedgies!! Wife Material!! Shrimp-nay-nay OUT!

- Arden is OUT OF HER MIND having only eaten apples for three days!

- Wells can't believe how psyched that centaur is at the thought of having sex with a virgin!

- Rob thinks Clayton kisses like he is eating an ice cream cone!

- Doug think Clayton stole Hilary Clinton's jacket!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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