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"Buh-Buh-Buh-BONGIORNO!!" W/ Rob Bendict and Doug Benson

Rob Benedict and Doug Benson join Arden and The Production Team to discuss the most recent episode of Jerry Springer! I mean BACHELORETTE MEN TELL ALL!!!! FROSTED TIPS!! WOUNDED ROMEOS! PIZZAPRENEURS!!!!

- Arden wanted to THROW HER TV OUT THE WINDOW whenever Jamie spoke!

- Rob is disappointed he did not book the part of the streaker!

- Doug KNEW Jamie was Harry PLOTTER!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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YOU GUYS! We are doing a live show / live stream for Arden's BIRTHDAY! IS SHE THE BACHELORETTE OF OUR HEARTS?? OF COURSE! The show is Thursday, December 9th at 7pm pst / 10pm est at Dynasty Typewriter! Arden Myrin is joined by Erin Foley, Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Bryan Safi, Carl Tart, Miles Gray, Gareth Reynolds, Wells Adams, plus Katie Levine and Anna Hossnieh!! We have limited tickets available for in person viewing (MUST BE VACCINATED TO COME!) and you can find those tickets here for $20. And then you can find the digital experience tickets here for $10 in advance (ticket price goes up day of show). We also have a special edition "Bachlorette facts" shirt you can buy with your ticket on the moment house ticket link! It's cheaper if you buy with your live stream ticket. Also if you just want to purchase just the shirt you can find it here on Tee Public. We can't wait for you to experience this wild ride of a show we have planned for you!!

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