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"SURPRISE! I'M YOUR SISTER!" w/ Debby Ryan and Rob Benedict

Debby Ryan and Rob Bendict join Arden to discuss the 17 hour season premiere of Colton's Season of the Bachelor!! Sloths! V Cards! Mama Harrison!!

- Arden plays everyone the first tracks from her new album!

- Debby is NOT ready for any shark eyes in Mykonos!

- Rob is going to Arden's new step-father!

- Anna rocks a turban like is 1929!

- Katie wants to rescue DJ Agro's Dog!

WANT TO SEE US LIVE??? Arden, Rob, Paget, Bryan, Anna, Lori, AND VENMO JOHN, WILLS, and ANNALIESE will be live at San Fransisco Sketchfest Saturday January 12th at 4pm at the Swedish American Hall. TICKETS:

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