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Bachelor Draft Picks 2019 a.k.a. Face On Face/ No Nose! w/ Erin Foley and Rob Benedict!!!

Arden's platonic life partner Erin and Bach of the Year THREE YEARS RUNNING Rob join Arden, Anna and Katie to make their DRAFT PICKS FOR the 2019 Bachelor Season!! Sloths! DJ Agro! No noses!!!!!

- Arden started her New Year accidentally harassing a woman at Trader Joe's!

- Erin found Christina under the table getting ready to kill Dean!

- Rob is back with an update from Dean's dad!!

WANT TO SEE US LIVE??? Arden, Rob, Paget, Bryan, Anna, Lori, AND VENMO JOHN, WILLS, and ANNALIESE will be live at San Fransisco Sketchfest Saturday January 12th at 4pm at the Swedish American Hall. TICKETS:

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