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"Come Under My Umbrella!" by the Podcats Network w/ Debby Ryan and Sarah Colonna!

Rookie of the Year Debbie Ryan and bikini wearer of the year Sarah Colonna join Arden to discuss the magical season of BACHELOR IN PARADISE! Lipstick in a beard! Cut off Penises! Horny Leo! Arden's cats gone wild!

- Arden tries to perfect her Grocery Store Joe Chicago accent!

- Debby talks about meeting Becca on her love journey and her first foray into the MAGIC that is the BONE ZONE down under!

- Sarah opts out of Debby's menswear on the beach and leans towards Bibi bikini!

- Anna rocks her flawless sash like the QUEEN THAT SHE IS!

- Katie attempts to record over the HOWLING OF ALL OF ARDEN'S CATS!

All that plus TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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