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"2018 Bachelorette Draft: Land Kayak Edition!" W/ Paget Brewster and Debby Ryan!

It's a full lady coven! Paget, Debby, Anna and Katie join Arden and Erin to break down the FESTIVAL of MEN that are in the running to win Becca's heart!!! Bruised Fruit! Colognoissiuers! Romanc Cover Models!

- Arden tells her secret- that she panicked and killed a hobo!

- Debby encourages Erin to double down and get $57,000 in debt on her Land Kayak business!

- Paget tries and fails to teach Rookie of the Year Debby how to use a mic!

- Erin gets enraged about an guacamole lover/ avacado hater! - Anna channels Rob from Paris! - Katie gets all hot and bothered over the dog lovers/ shirtless athletes


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