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"Live From Austin: Lincoln Logs!" w/ Paget Brewster Lauren Lapkus, Nikki Glaser and Alexis

Paget, Lauren, Nikki and Alexis join Arden and Erin live from Austin at the Moontower Comedy festival! Queso! Laser Cats! Seth Vatt!

- Arden wants you to hide your cookies cuz she's ready to lick 'em!

- Erin rightfully kept wowing the Texas crowds by bringing it back to the Lord's Work aka "Shit Nest"!

- Paget flexes her acting chops in her most challenging role yet as "Daniel the Canadian Horndog"!

- Lauren "Miss Windy City" Lapkus For the Win with "Lincoln Logs"! - Nikki is still reading willing and able to take on Ben H's scripture tattoos! - Alexis took the hit and made out with Nick Vialle- NBD!

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Music by Mark Rivers

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