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Rob Benedict (Supernatural) joins Arden and ERIN! (back from her bunker in Texas) to discuss the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN TELEVISION HISTORY a.k.a the FINALE OF SNATCH IN PARADISE!!! PROPOSALS! TEARS! TATTOOS! SURFING DOGS! CLUMPY EYE LASH EXTENSIONS! all that…and NEIL F-ING LANE!! Arden gives a slow clap to Evan’s pointy ween, Rob wants to give Emmy awards to the chickens/dogs/editors of #BIP, Erin is vying for an invite to the boozy nuptials of GRACE, Katie wants to F#*$ NICK MORE THAN EVER and Anna is ready to go in and rescue Amanda from the evil grip of Josh and his moans! All that and Katie, Anna and Erin pick a tweet of the week!

Music by Mark Rivers

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